Master your memory!

From the World Memory Championship winning coach now comes Memotopia - mobile game to master your memory. Play, have fun, learn, challenge friends or embark on a memorable journey that will change the way you think. So get ready to expand your mind and perfect your memory!



Improve Your Memory

Play the games that will train your memory while you are having fun. Challenge your self and feel the difference after a true memory workout.

Master the Techniques

Memory training is all about applying techniques. The games will put your brain to the test, apply the memory techniques we teach you and feel your brain is working.

Challenge a Friend

Why train alone when you can share the fun with friends. Invite and challenge friends or foe for some epic memory battle.

Memotopia Saga

Embark on a memorable journey in our worlds. How far can your trained memory take you, can you reach the end of the worlds?

Beat our Bosses

As all classic arcade games there must be an evil boss meeting you at the end of a world. Our bosses are real memory athletes that will put your braincells to the test!

Become a Memotopian

Our most dedicated believers we call Memotopians. Master your mind, master your memory and become a true Memotopian.

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